Yesterday, My Old Boss Was Charged With Historical Sex Offences

12 thoughts on “Yesterday, My Old Boss Was Charged With Historical Sex Offences”

  1. To mix metaphors, you thread the needle quite capably in an area fraught with landmines. You showed loyalty and objectivity, compassion for the accused and the aggrieved and most importantly at this time a respect for the rule of law that entitles all to their fair day in court in pursuit of justice. Well done. People all over the world are following with great interest. Your personal insights are a welcome enlightening and contribution to a most painful subject. It has brought such scandal to the Church, rocked Her very foundation. Branded so many trusting innocents searing upon them unimaginable pain that repulses us and wishes we could help by taking away their burdens and pain that “justice” alone cannot.

    But justice they shall have. You remind us, despite a sickeningly high admission/conviction rate – first fought bribed & covered up by an obstructionist Church – that each charged is entitled to a presumption of innocence however difficult that is to give and unlikely we’ve rightly come to expect will prevail.
    Thank you.


  2. Yes I have been following this also and feel saddened for both parties. But like what you so wonderfully expressed, was let’s just pray for justice and not jump on the train of judgement BECAUSE he is a Catholic priest, and they have had such a bad rapt! The Catholic church have been open and honest about this horid crime of sexual abuse in the church, but I haven’t seen other prominent association’s or communities stepping forward addressing this issue. It happebs EVERYWHERE, not just in the Catholic church!
    Proud to be Catholic.


    1. Thank you for your comment Lisa. The Church has definitely learnt from past mistakes in this area. I think the response to this case, particularly by members of the Church in Australia, such as Archbishop Fisher, has been commendable.


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